First time drinking soon?!

Question: First time drinking soon?
Next week I am going to a Chris Webby concert with my older brother. I smoke weed a lot, and have been for the past 2 months. I really enjoy it. I am 15 teen, but kinda a late bloomer. Im 5'2 and 100 pounds. What should I expect? How much should I drink? I do not want to get too stoned or anything, and I do not want to puke either. I just wanna have mad fun at the concert. I also dont want any bull **** or "your dumb" answers. I know the risks. Im doing it no matter what so spit out some honest advice.


All I can tell you is that the first time you drink, you will get drunk fairly quickly whilst not drinking alot.

Drink a bottle of beer or two until you feel buzzed. If you drink too much you'll puke... and that's not fun.


It's really based on a lot of factors so it's hard to determine how much you can drink if you haven't done it yet. Don't go over board. Take a few shots and once you feel tipsy then stop there. Maybe if you have a chance to drink prior to, do that just so you know how it works.

15 and 100 pounds is much too little for any amount of alcohol. Drink none.
Enjoy the concert straight edge, unless you want to walk away in handcuffs.

Common sense, Life experience .. Teen years are complicated enough kiddo.

A few bottles of beer at your age should be more than enough for your liver

My brain

have energy drinks, ginsen, no weed. coffee. coke, lots of coke....

about 5 shots of vodka or rum and you should be drunk.

Just have a shot of vodka!

one to two shots per hour until your good

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