I am 18 years old. I go to a bar with my 24 year old friend. I want to know what the conquences are?!

Question: I am 18 years old. I go to a bar with my 24 year old friend. I want to know what the conquences are?
I go to the bar already a little bit tipsy. The bar that we always go to is more of a family oriented thing. It serves dinner, and has a pool table. It just says that anyone under 18 must be out by 11. I don't buy drinks but my friend will give me drinks of hers. What will happen if we are caught?


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Okay, some things to consider here. This sounds like a family establishment and such a place will probably not have much ATB or police presence... so yeah, its mostly safe but I would like you to consider something here. Your friend can get in a lot of trouble for supplying alcohol to a minor... much more than you. Both of you can be fined but your friend can face a conviction that cold technically carry a jail sentence... the fine for her is also substantially higher than your fine.

But the most important thing to consider here is that you could ruin a family establishment and cause their forced closing. It is the establishment's responsiility to see that monors are not served alcohol and the fact that your friend sneaks drinks to you is not a excuse for the establishment. Whoever can be serving drinks that night can go directly to jail (in almost all states) and lose their license to serve alcohol... the establishment can also lose their alcohol license and can be closed immidiately. Probbaly not but it creates headaches for such a restaurant and they can face a huge fine and increase insuance premiums.

It depends who catches you and so on.

Your firend could get into trouble for contributing to minors.

The establishment could get in trouble for serving to minors even though it was yourfirend tha did it and they could get a hefty fine.

You could get an MIP, MUI, drunk in public and so on.

the consiquences are you getting in trouble for drinking under 21.. and your friend will get in a lot more trouble than you becuase they are providing the alchol for you.. the consquences for both might be jail or probation..

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The worst that could happen is they call the police and arrest you. But that happens like .00001% of the time. Usually what will happen is they just yell at you and kick you out. They might remember your friends face and won't let them back in.

Probably underage drinking, for your sister serving alcohol to a minor, and probably quite a bit more than that I bet.

That's a stupid thing to do.

The bar will ask you to leave. If the police catch you, you can both get misdemeanor tickets.

not much depending on the owner or boucer...u could just be kicked out, or even barred, police and fines won`t show up unless you start a fight or get really pissed and want to pull off one of the beer draught tap...

You'd probably just get kicked out. I don't think the bar owners would go out of their way to make a huge scene and call the police.

Get some food and some malt liquor and go to your friend's place or an out of the way park.

Not usually. Usually 99.0% percent of the time they just ask you to leave.

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