Hey does anybody think a bartending schools a good Idea ?!

Question: Hey does anybody think a bartending schools a good Idea ?

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No. They are not a good idea. Bartending schools are not well respected in the bar/restaurant industry. They are a waste of money.

For one thing, restaurant managers won't hire bartenders without experience. They are not interested in your drink making abilities, which is the only thing you'll learn in bartending school. Restaurant/bar managers are more interested in your customer service skills and your ability to multi-task.

These schools will not help you find a job. You best bet would be to start working as a server or bar back and work your way up to bartender. You won't learn the necessary skills to become a bartender in school. You learn them on the job.... as a server. If you have what it takes to be a bartender, your boss will promote you and train you how to make drinks. The only things these schools provide is to swindle you out of your money.

Go to a used bookstore and pick up a good drink dictionary for $2.50. It will teach you the same thing a bartender school will teach you.... for a lot less. Start working in a restaurant as a server. Most restaurants will hire servers without experience. The training will be paid and you'll make good tips while you learn. If you're fast and efficient and you can handle the pressures of working in a busy restaurant without panicking AND you if you can maintain great customer service through all the chaos, you'll make a great bartender.

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