is bakers yeast safe?!

Question: Is bakers yeast safe?
the reason i ask is when i was growing up my parents always let me have some raw dough when they were baking sweets and allot of the time it had bakers yeast in it.


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Why is it in this? At first i thought you ment for wine making, yes it is (will produce a diff. taste though). For raw dough, if eggs are used that may cause problems.


The study of yeast helped to open up new avenues of treatment for Huntington's disease.

A transatlantic team of researchers led by the University of Leicester is using an innovative genetic approach to treating neurodegenerative disorders such as Huntington's disease.

By studying baker's yeast, the team were able to fathom various aspects of the disease and understand the genes and cellular pathways it uses.

The research suggests that pharmacological modulation of translation may be a fruitful avenue for treatment in future.

"Our research has taken advantage of cutting edge genomics approaches using a simple model organism to identify a novel area for potential therapeutic intervention for Huntington's disease," said Flaviano Giorgini, lead author of the study.

The universities of Lisbon and California at San Francisco were also involved in the study, which was funded by the Medical Research Council.

Recently, International Stem Cell Corporation welcomed an announcement by scientists at the Nationwide Children's Hospital showing the use of parthenogenetic stem cells to treat Huntington's disease.

Find out how Barchester works to create safe and understanding environments for those living with Huntington's Disease.ADNFCR-504-ID-800344194-ADNFCR

Yeast is fine. Eating too much may make you bloated and gassy fir a bit. Yeast is uded as a dietary supplement.

Yes it should be ok
put some into apple juice inside an airlock bag after couple of days it will do wonders

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