Does drinking different kinds of alcohol give you different effects?!

Question: Does drinking different kinds of alcohol give you different effects?
I've only ever drank beer and vodka, and to me the effects felt kinda different.

On beer I felt happy and relaxed, but on vodka I felt angry and aggressive.

Is there a reason for that?


The amount of alcohol is different between them, and more or less alcohol can have different effects on a person. Also, the speed in which you are drinking and the taste if the drink come into play. Because vodka has a higher percentage of alcohol by volume than a typical beer, you drink it more quickly and in higher amounts, which makes some people more angry, and others more mellow. But no, the drinks itself don't have a different effect due to alcohol content, just the amounts and speeds that you drink them.

It seems like different types of booze give you different types of buzzes... But it all based on the alcohol content of what you are drinking. I say it also depends what kind of mood you are in and what kind of company you are in when you drink.

every one reacts differently to those kind of things :)


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