what does Pinot Noir taste like?!

Question: What does Pinot Noir taste like?

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To me, Pinot is very soft and fruity. It has aromas and flavors of red fruits like cherry, strawberry and raspberry.


I am a wino.


Pinot Noir is a red wine, not a white wine.
It is originally from Burgundy but is most successful in New Zealand or Oregon.
It is more delicate than heavier style reds like shiraz or cabernet due to it's thinner skin. in saying that is can be extremely concentrated and have many more layers of complexity.
Not quite sure what the last person was on about.
try one, it is by far the best red wine available. Cheaper ones are quite bad though. It's a hard grape to grow and subsequently the wine makes itself without heavy manipulation in the winery.

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I find that Pinot Noir tastes like Blackberry Jam, Dark cherries, Plums, Blood...MMMwaahhahaha.

Goes well with dark chocolate

Pinot Noir is dark of the white wines and has a more deep taste that I don't care for simply because when i want deeper flavor in a wine I go with a burgundy or slight red like Lambrusco. The white wines should be refreshing like chardonnay or Pinot Grigio . Wine always tastes better when served chilled no matter what wine officials say. Try several, also white wines have less calories!

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