What's your favourite real ale?!

Question: What's your favourite real ale?
Just curious.


Piraat Ale. Belgium & 10.5%, one of the best beers in the world.
If you can find it on tap, buy it!

15ish lbs two row, 1 ounce centennial for bittering, 1 ounce liberty hops for aroma. Enhanced double decoction mash. Makes a 5 gallon batch of about 8.5% ABV beer.

I get it from my carboy. Well really from the keg I put it in after I brew it and rack it from the carboy. Costs about 40 cents per pint.

Burton Bridge Porter, although I mainly drink Holdens & Bathams ales.


If you mean by Real Ale Brewing Company here in TX i'd have to say Devil's Backbone

Stout from Hop Back Brewery

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