if you're six years old, you can legally drink alcohol at home in England?!

Question: If you're six years old, you can legally drink alcohol at home in England?

The minimum age for a child to drink alcohol at home in the UK with an adults supervision is 5 years of age.

EDIT: That's the law TD, like it or lump it!

Alcohol rehab employee.

Quite doubtful, though it is socially acceptable for youth to have a glass of wine with the family on special occasions, I think that six years old is too young. There are a lot less taboos regarding alcohol in the UK, and especially in France. But taking away the mystery really does have benefits. Kids will do things you tell them not to, taking away the mystery in things like alcohol is really a good thing. Also culturally there isn't a lot of people that get totally trashed in the UK, it is pretty frowned upon.

with your parents permission, yes
you can drink in public at a restaurant or pub with your parent at 13

there are many laws like this in the US too... depending on your state

No that age is to young to be drinking alcohol.

actually as long as they have there parents permission then its fine, its just illegal to get drunk!

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