What kind of vodka should i get?!

Question: What kind of vodka should i get?
What are some great tasting flavored vodkas


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The general consensus among tasters is that Hanger One makes the best-tasting flavored vodkas. You'll pay about the same for a bottle as you would for Grey Goose, but the flavor tastes a lot less artificial. The downside is that they currently only offer three different flavors: raspberry, citrus, and spiced pear. I recently had some friends over for drinks and bought a bottle each of Grey Goose pear and Hanger One pear, and every single person preferred the Hanger One.

If you don't want to spend upwards of $40 a bottle, a great alternative is to infuse your own vodka at home. It's easier than it sounds, really. Another benefit is that you can create any kind of flavor you want, and pay far less than what you would at the store.

Start of with a mid-range vodka [I find Svedka to be more than adequate]. You don't have to go high-end because the vodka is really going to soak up the flavor of whatever you infuse it with. You can usually pick up a handle of Svedka for less than $25. Start off with small batches for your first try, that way if something doesn't work you won't have wasted money.

Cut up your fruit, herbs, etc. and pour your vodka over it. You can either use air-tight mason jars or a simple water pitcher for this, but make sure you cover it with saran wrap or aluminum foil. Allow it to rest in the fridge for a minmum of three days, but some flavors will take as much as two weeks to fully infuse. After three days, test a little sample every day to make sure you don't over-infuse it. You'll know when it's ready to drink. At that time, strain the fruit out of it and enjoy it with your friends. Trust me, they'll think it tastes better than anything you can buy at the store [at any price point].

Some easy suggestions to get you started:

Pineapple [my favorite]--infuse for at least a week, preferably two
Citrus fruit--Infuse for at least five days, but make sure you remove the rinds or else it'll get bitter
Vanilla bean--infuse for three days only

Good luck!

Professional bartender. I recently made a ruby red grapefruit/dill infusion that tasted better than even the most expensive flavored vodka.

Pinnacle has some great flavors, whipped cream and cotton candy- do not be fooled by high priced vodkas as they are not necessarily better than the cheaper options.

Three Olives is also great and their vodkas mix well with a lot of things. Cherry is one of the most versatile since you can mix it with red bull, 7 up, ginger ale, cola, juices pretty much anything you like.
Highly recommend it

Myself, bartender

Grey Goose is the best tasting Vodka.... But Absolut has a very wide variety of flavored vodkas.

Absolut "and Thats Absolutely "

Ciroc is also good.

Drink it straight like a real man.

Grey Goose

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