im hungover, what do i do to feel better?!

Question: Im hungover, what do i do to feel better?
i drank alot last night, enough to probably say i got alcohol going throurgh my freakin veins. i dont know what to do i feel like a big peice of freakin poop. i feel like im still drunk hahhaa, my fingers are even twitching, i typed like a **** load of errors on this. the worst part about this is that i drank some cheap beer hahhaha i drank like atleast 2 40s and a half, this sucks cooch help me pleeeeease! lol


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Well, according to the news this morning, they've suddenly realised that the best cure for a hangover is a cup of coffee and a couple of paracetamols !

Whoever would have thought it !

there is Ginseng juice - u can find it at supermarkets - and if u find one it's not cheap either, just make sure there's a root inside the small bottle and check the expiration date - they dont really expire but because l'm not a doctor l'm not sure if it's a cure for hungovers - this juice is the original energy drink, and it has energizing vitamins and nutrients

Drink lots of water, take a few ibuprofen and a multivitamin and relax. Also have a little something to eat. Banana, rice, apple (applesauce) or toast.

You're dehydrated. Drink water. Take Tylenol. Have a small glass of orange juice to bring your blood sugar back to normal.

Wait for it to wear off, you're also going through withdrawal.

PS you deserve to feel like crap


Hair of the dog. Drink 2 or 3 beers. It works. Personal experience.

40's. One of the greatest American inventions. Eat carbs - toast or KFC - and then relax.

Not much. Take aspirin and drink a lot of water and a good meal. The only real thing that will help is sleeping it off.

Drink water and go back to bed

take rest .and drink lemon water with sugar..and take multivitamin tabs u will be ok

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