Want to puke the morning after drinking?!

Question: Want to puke the morning after drinking?
I feel like utter crap, right now, and I feel like I want to puke, but I can't. Last night I had about 1 and a quarter Four Lokos, and I drank a half of one of them quite quickly. I was just having a little fun, and it was pretty cool..However, I feel I'm paying the price, now, because I have a good amount of nausea, stomach is churning, and looking at my computer screen is just agitating it all, and bread, nor sprite/water seems to be helping(I think it may be the energy drink part of it that might be messing with me). I smelled one a few minutes ago and was about to lose it, but really, I don't want to think about these things, and am off them for good, but I just want to know what to do for now anyways?


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what a focking wimp

The problem was probably the sugar in the Four Loko combined with the alcohol.

Most of the time, sadly, there's not much you can do but here are some things that have worked for me in the past....

Macaroni/Penne pasta with lots of butter (and sometimes sriracha. The warming feeling helps my stomach)
Coca-Cola (and burping)
Hot tea with honey

You're going to have to keep sipping water until it stays down...if it stays down and you just feel crappy, you're better off than you think. Try to eat some saltines and rehydrate. You won't feel better right away, but it's a start.

Sleep and lots of water (and multivitamins, if you have them) are the only cure.

drink plenty of water and eat salt n vinegar crisps it puts the zing back in your mouth

rehydrate your body with water and have a wash.
If you can go back to bed. Try to eat something plain such as a simple sandwich.
You will feel better soon enough im sure.

Four Loko gets you messedddd upppppp. It's the combination of the alcohol and the caffeine. You're just having a super hangover from it. You have to keep up your intake of fluids because the alcohol dehydrates you. Drinking milk or water is your best bet. Don't drink anything with caffeine in it. Also, you have to replenish your electrolytes. You lose them from peeing so much and throwing up. Gatorade will help with that. If you don't feel too sick to eat, then breakfast is a must. You have to get something in to your stomach. Eggs and toast or a banana are good choices. And then the pain killers. I think ibuprofen is your best choice, like Motrin or Advil, or just the generic stuff. Good luck and hope you feel better.

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