I've been soaking gummy bears in vodka for about 30hours now. ?!

Question: I've been soaking gummy bears in vodka for about 30hours now. ?
How long does it take for them to be perfect.


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they should be ready and its time to begin taste trials but at 5 days they will be ready

Wow, I've not heard of this one? Does it make and alcoholic snack, flavour the vodka or do u do it for both reasons... ? Sounds good anyway im gonna give that a try!

P.s Skittles in vodka is a good one too!

Why would you go an waste vodka like that?

When gummy bears absorb liquid, they turn to a kind of loose jelly. Bleh.

I would think if you leave them much longer that they will start to disintegrate. Best be removing them and start snacking!

i dont know the answer but it sounds good to me : } i must put gummy bears on my shopping list do you think haribo would work ?

They've probably reached peak flavour now. Anything longer won't really add much.

Why are you doing this when you haven't finished your math homework?

They were perfect 30 hours ago. Are you mad?

What are you, a 14 year old girl? If you're going to drink, be a man.

Hell yeah best snack ever dude

idk but your my hero cause i love both of thoes

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