things to do with vodka?!

Question: Things to do with vodka?
hi im having a birthday drink my my husband tomorrow with lots of vodka and lager and im just wondering any fun things to cook or make with the vodka?? im not fussy with vodka jelly's but anything else will be considered :D


Make a fruit punch

you could make a normal tomato pasta sauce but before you serve it add in a little vodka and heat through gently (but not enough to completely burn out the alcohol)
you could make cosmopolitan cocktails. (very yummy indeed =3)
all you need is:
1 shot of vodka
1 shot of Cointreau
half a shot of lime juice
2 shots of cranberry juice (depending on taste)
and lots of ice
mix the liquids and ice together and serve :)
yuuki .x

Get a watermelon.
Cut a hole in the top
Place a funnel in the hole
Fill the funnel with vodka
Come back to it every couple of hours and top up the funnel
Once the watermelon has absorbed all the vodka you want to use, place in the refrigerator
When the time comes to eat it, slice it up as normal and enjoy that vodka watermelon!

Maybe a Vodka watermelon, get drunk by eating watermelon…

Penne vodka or any paste with vodka if you don't mind cooking……

Cocktails or a vodka jelly shots as you mentioned would be nice.

Oooh, a long vodka!

Long glass, fill with ice, pour in some angustura bitters ( just a tiny little bit, the more the practice the better you get at working out what quantities of what suit your tastebuds) swirl the glass and let the ice mix it around. Add a shot of vodka, a dash of lime cordial and top with soda water! So Yum!!!

mix it with orange juice. its really good.

Lemon drops are can experiment mixing different juices and things with it, vodka is very versatile for mixing...or you could soak some fresh fruit, strawberry's are one of my fav's.

insert a funnel into a watermelon and slowly add the vodka untill it soaks into the fruit

Drink it straight until the room starts spinning and then have sex for the rest of the day. Best birthday present ever.

you can take your vodka for a walk.

penne alla vodka

Vodka + Fire = cool part trick (may result in death)

A fruit punch is the best for that!

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