Can I drink 5 day old (opened) wine without it making me sick?!

Question: Can I drink 5 day old (opened) wine without it making me sick?
I opened a bottle on Friday night, it's now Wednesday evening and it has been in the fridge with its lid on the whole time. It tastes a little... more like vinegar now, will it be safe to drink?

It's a Pinot Grigio Veneto! Thanks


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You probably sealed some air in it when you re-corked it. Excess oxygen can turn wine sour, though it's unlikely that this happened while in the fridge. It isn't exactly unsafe to drink but as a general rule, if it tastes gross, don't drink it.

You may want to invest a few dollars in a wine sealer if you often have unfinished bottles. A decent one will only run you about $10 and you'll be able to re-seal your wine and get all of the excess air out of it. If used correctly, a bottle of wine should last for weeks at a time.

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Should be fine. You are imagining the vinegar taste - that can't happen in a fridge.
If there is a taste it is due to a little bit of oxydation from the air inside the bottle.
It won't kill you. But if it tastes like rubbish then open a new one. Life is too short to drink bad wine.

You will not get sick but for me you have to restrained from drinking. It is good not to drink alcohol, otherwise you will be addicted to it.…

Since you kept the cork in it should be fine. I've had wine that was in the fridge for a couple weeks, it tasted kinda crappy but I didn't get sick or anything.

I don't know much but I do know drinking

It won't make you sick, but it also won't taste good.

I dont think you'll get sick... but unless it was properly sealed it'll taste pretty gross. maybe just use it to cook with?

sure can, just be sure to check for fruit flies!

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