What alcohol is the least fattening?!

Question: What alcohol is the least fattening?
I think it's gin, but I'm not sure


Hard liquor can surely burn fat and can also burn your lungs. It is better not to drink alcohol. Our body is not design for that.


All alcohol has exactly the same number of calories in it.
So, it all depends on what you drink with it.
Beer contains additional calories,and all non diet soft drinks mixers add more calories.
If you want to consume alcohol then don't add calories.
GIn and Slimline tonic is a good drink,
Just about all neat spirits contain the same alcohol and so the same calories; whisky, gin, vodka.
The trick is to only mix diet drinks with it. But be warned, one hit is around 55 cals.
Avoid sweet drinks like Sherry, or fat drinks like Baileys

All of them. Alcohol does not contain fat or lipids and therefore does not make you fat.

What it does contain, or rather it had, is calories. In the case of ethanol, quite allot considering you can set it on fire. Those calories help your body to convert fat as it gives it the energy to do so. But in and of itself it is not fattening.

Miller has a light beer that is 65 calories, I think. Budweiser has one that is only 55 calories. I see the ads for these, regarding them as "diet beers" and I laugh. I drink beer for the taste. I don't drink light beer as it tastes very thin and very watery to me. I like strong, dark beers with full body and full tastes. Sure, some lighter colored ones, like India Pale Ales are good, and even Sam Adams original. However, I consider regular Budweiser a light beer.

I'm an advocate of booze does not make you fat, its the greasy food you eat to sober up or prevent yourself from being too drunk. I tend not to eat while I drink because it makes me slightly sick but also because I know my food preferences widen when I'm drinking. Basically I get the munchies when I'm drunk

I don't know much but I do know drinking

Well if you were to judge just from calories I've heard the following can be a pretty decent guide:

12 oz bottle of light beer 110+
12 oz bottle of regular beer 140+
4oz glass red or white wine 90+

80 proof single shot 65
86 proof single shot 70
100 proof single shot 82

If you're watching your weight stay far away from any mixed drinks or hard lemonade/sodas... those are usually packing 300+ calories and taste too good to only have one!

The Doctors Pocket Calorie, Fat and Carb Counter

It's determined by the alcohol content. So the same volume of any spirit will be less fattening than the same volume of beer, for example. Or wine with 12% alcoholic content will be more fattening than a wine with 11%.

25ml vodka shot is 52 cals, and mix with diet coke and you can have a (calorie) guilt free night! :)

weight watchers, vodka and diet coke equal to one point!

Methyl alcohol ( methanol) XD lolz it's toxic you'll die when you consume it

Spirits are usually least fattening - 55-65 calories per pub measure.

everclear and it tastes great too. Chug a whole glass.

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