whats up with drunk driving?!

Question: Whats up with drunk driving?
do people think its cool


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Only if they are a complete idiot.

Drunk driving or driving under the influence is a major political pettiness. It generates large amount of revenue for police and enforcement, while fixing what is at best a minor problem. For example, in the US, at the highest point it counted for 10% of all accidents and less then 3% of all fatal accidents. By last count it is less then 8% of all accidents, less then 1% of all fatal accidents. Worse is how we count those statics. Any accident in which alcohol was involved (it could be hitting a drunk who walked into the street) as an incident involving alcohol. This is done to bost the numbers to make DUI seem to be more of a problem then it really is.

To say it was an epidemic is to ignore the larger problem. It is like enforcing traffic speeds while ignoring the people who fail to yield. We spend millions of dollars to fix what is a minor problem while ignoring the major issue. Or to put it into perspective more people died in car accidents in one year from cell phone usage then did the previous 15 for DUI.

DUI goes along with may of the myths we have about alcohol. Where as it is not a good idea to operate any machinery while impaired there are much more dangerous things we should be concerned about.

I feel its a lack of self awareness. Generally you can be drunk and not think you really are. That's usually when people say I have to go home before I get too drunk or something like that. My general rule is once you feel "tipsy" wait 30 minutes and you should be able to function.

I don't know much but I do know drinking

Drivers who are drunk will usually get into trouble. Either they can make accident or they are the one who can cause accident. That is why it is better not to drive when drunk.


I don't think drunk drivers think it's cool. They just want to get their car home and get themselves home, they probably feel ashamed the next day. It is dangerous and risky to drive drunk.

the majority of drunk drivers are likely misinformed, or their judgment has been affected by the alcohol.

driver who are drunk is the cause of accident or they are in most do accident. so don't drive when drunk.

you answered it yourself.....they are drunk, they think nothing is wrong

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