is absinthe original a good company?!

Question: Is absinthe original a good company?
I ordered online almost a month ago. Many reviews on nthe site said there was faster than expected delivery. So I have anticipated getting it. two days ago I was told by E-Mail should've arrived by now. But they will wait a few days to call on it. I wrote them yesterday morning no reply. I wrote today no reply. Now I am getting frustrated and I can't call I have no phone service. It was great they wrote back once but where the hell is my items.


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Absinthe is sold in the United States today in liquor stores. The ban was lifted in 2008 or 2009.

Anyway, without knowing the state where you live and what site you ordered from I could not tell you. Absinthe is going to be imported from the Czech Republic or France. The distillers are Hill's (Czech) and Pernod (France). I doubt that you bought directly from the distillers though.

THe only place where absinthe is legal is in Chezh! So i guess that's your best bet!

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