how much does the average person spend on alcohol?!

Question: How much does the average person spend on alcohol?

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The average person spends $100 annually. The average DRINKER of alcohol spends well over $300 annually on alcohol.

In one night, if you're at a bar or club... $20-30
In a month... $60-$70

But that's just me... I don't think there's a set amount. Especially if what you drink is a bit more pricey than normal.

Average huh...I guess 20-30 bucks a week is pretty average. That'll get you a few at a bar one night and a 12 pack for home on the weekends.

I don't know much but I do know drinking

Per month? Over here in overpriced Australia that would be around $50 - $100.

You need to clarify your question. Are you talking about spending money out at a bar, or spending money for home use?


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