What is a good name for a sports drink?!

Question: What is a good name for a sports drink?
In our marketing class we are marketing a fake sports drink, but we need a name for it.
Any idea will be greatly appreciated. thank you.


Ready. Set. Go!
"It will make you go!"

Fast Monkey
"Because no moneky is slow"

Get Up
"Feeling tired? Get Up!"

Super Chug
"Chug it. Be Super"

Adrenaline Rush
"Gets you going"

Bubbly Speed
"Drink the bubbles, feel the speed"

Super Fast
"Brings out that super team player in you"

Hold On
"Warning, this drink will make you go fast!"

Jumper Cable
"Because everyone needs a jump sometimes"

Super Charger
"When your battery is dead, charge it!"

I have included marketing lines to go with each name! Enjoy!:)

Unnecessary sugar.
Unnecessary sodium.
Unnecessary caffeine.
Unnecessary - The sports drink that separates you from your money since most of us are too fat anyway!


Worth the Sweat :)


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