Should I distill my moonshine wash yet?!

Question: Should I distill my moonshine wash yet?
I put together a wash that was supposed to ferment in 6-14 days. I am on day 22 and the wash is still bubbling. Wait longer or go ahead and run it?


Hyrdrometers are dirt cheap. Get one for your mash and one for your still output. Then the numbers will say when.

Until then taste your mash. If it is sweet let it precolate some more. If it is sour, it's time. If you let it go too long you'll be making more hangover juice than a higher proof, the mash will start to eat the alcohol and grow the nasty esters.

In any case don't sweat it. If it ain't perfect this time, it will still be good enough and sure to be better next time.

Good luck.

i've never made whiskey, but i've made wine (basic process, accept dif ingredients then you distill it). Sometimes your wash can enter a second fermentation. Has it stopped? bubbling then started again? If so then go ahead. It won't harm it if that's what your asking (may harm alcohol content). Basically the longer it ferments the more alcohol will be produced (unless its under different conditions and temp's, colder temps take longer time to ferment or may stall it all together). You should just let it set and monitor it closely till it stops. My wine always varied between its first stage. You should try to distill some wine and make cognac! wine is really cheap and easy to make (with grapejuice, not grapes).

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