What makes a bar good to you?!

Question: What makes a bar good to you?
For me its super cold beer and good music


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Good prices and an activity...preferably karaoke, but trivia, dancing, pool or darts are fun too.

Cleanliness. I will not go to or stay at a bar that is dirty. I feel strongly that it represent a slothfully uncaring person and disrespect to the food & beverage industry but especially the guests. Just think of the food and cooks. If the bar is dirty so are they and so is the food and the plates and glassware the food & drink is served.
I like a progressive food and beverage menu. Yet if it is a themed place say in an old American style, then classic greasy American food is acceptable. The beverage should be spread out so many people can enjoy something without taking out a second mortgage. I too like a diverse beer selection. But some selections are too great and the beer is not fresh. So I like a bar that provides a nice selection but keeps it to under fifteen taps and the same for the bottles. Half of both can be rotated so that new selections are always available. Also having one or two taps reserved for very special beers that are a once per year offering makes them more special as we await their arrival.
I also want a competent staff. They must be well trained and professionally oriented. (Know industry terms, seek answers to question they have no knowledge of, excellent hygiene, Do NOT hold glassware where people pt there mouths! hold them near the bottom of the glass, etc.)

A clean bar with a professional staff serving a unique food & beverage selection is what I want from a bar/restaurant.

having a diverse beer selection is good, something for everyone and going local is really popular right now as well as having signature drinks, the bar I work at does lots of drinks made with fresh fruit which is a pretty big hit.

also drink specials. I've just about narrowed my bars down to just the ones with SIN specials


Where will you be opening?

I agree with a good, diverse beer selection. One of my favorite places for beer is the Winking Lizard has almost 300 international beers, many of which are on tap. The food wasn't too great, vegan-wise, for awhile, but it's gotten good again. The last time I was at one they had a portabello mushroom veggie wrap and a burger that looks similar to the wrap, but the wrap is a dollar less. I can get packages of veggie and black bean burgers at the grocery store for the price of just one at a restaurant. (And, we generally get our whole wheat bread at the bakery outlets for around $1.)

I like real beer. Beers like Budweiser and Miller do not interest me. Light beer does not interest me. Stouts and ales and even IPAs interest me. Porters ales and stouts interest me.

As for the food, have some vegan friendly options beyond the token veggie or black bean burger. The wrap was quite delicious, but it might have just been that my pregnant body was hungry. Music and/or TV is fine, but not obnoxiously loud so that the patrons can't hold a conversation without being obnoxiously loud. If a TV is on, but not the sound, then put on the closed captioning.

My husband and I go to Granite City as well. Not for the food, but for the beer. My husband is not vegan, but hasn't really found anything he really likes on the menu. Their menu is not vegan-friendly at all. They have a Southwest salad on the lunch menu, but it's mainly spinach and iceberg lettuce, corn, black beans and Alvarado. It's not bad, but it's not worth $8. We are Mug Club members and have four Growlers. (They are currently filled with beer, waiting until I can drink more than a bottle, a mug or a glass at a time.)

Since we've not found anything in a bar or restaurant in the Toledo area that has a good combination of beer and food, we don't go out much. Well, we also have a three-year-old and a ten-week-old, whom I breastfeeding exclusively. Even before my pregnancy, we would either buy beer from the grocery store (Giant Eagle in OH has a very good selection, as does one of the Andersons stores in Toledo.) or get our Growlers filled.

No, I take that back. There is Reverend's in Bowling Green, OH. They have three three dishes that are either straight vegan or can be made vegan by requesting no cheese. Their draft menu is diverse and changing. We find new ones to try and to look for for home.

My husband is a pastor and we really won't be in one place for more than five years (or at least ten). We have half seriously talked about opening a bar/grille. Unfortunately, the name Reverand's has been taken. Though we do want something with a "pastor" name. And we'll even host a monthly beer and Bible study type thing. (My husband started one of those at our church, known as the men's ministry. One of the other local pastors holds something more public at a local bar that has good bottled beer but mostly fried bar food with the token Boca burger that is not worth $6.)


Good music... The larger ones that offer a small dance floor are nice. I love bars that are unique. I went to this one bar, where they have a wheel you can spin... sort of like wheel of fortune. Maybe alot of bars have this, but I thought it was pretty cool. For a set price, you spin the wheel... And what ever drink mix it lands on, that's what you have to get. I played once and it landed on a tequila shot. I never drank before that day, so let's just say my friend and I had to call a cab home Lol That was a fun night though =)

a bar that has new up to date alcohol and a menu to go along with it to compliment the alcohol, i hate bars with only peanuts and small crap like that i want a bar with some good nachos in it that can get creative!

Good music, good atmosphere (warm and inviting but NOT shishi) and GOOD beer, not just cold beer (old speckled hen, harp, maybe some local brews)

Cold beer, fun people, great music.
Oh, and cheap drink specials!


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