what will the new alcohol law in the uk mean?!

Question: What will the new alcohol law in the uk mean?
will it mean poor people like me will not be able to go to the supermarket and buy my usual favourite beers and lagers ?

are they banning alcohol completely ? or banning it to the poor people ?

will i still be able to go to the supermarket and choose from large selections of spirits and beers to buy ?

will this mean i wont be able to go to the supermarket and choose from a selection of bottled ales and lagers ?

will i still be able to buy my usual bottles of blacksheep ale ? hobgoblin beer ? bottles of budweisers beer ?

anyone explain what this law will mean ?


Very little change, not worth worrying about

Basically - right now you can buy a 2 litre bottle of cheap cider for £1.32, contained in the bottle is 8.5 units of alcohol, or 16.5p per unit. They want to increase the minimum price of a unit to 45p, so that same bottle of cheap cider would now cost £3.80 (45*8.5)

This will increase prices because the government believes that it will stop younger binge drinkers from being able to afford it. What it will actually do is prevent a lot of people from all age groups who drink it from being able to afford it, lose jobs in the factorys which produce it as they will go out of business and it will raise a lot more tax for the government as a higher VAT and duty will be paid on a £3.80 bottle.

The attempt to price people out of things they enjoy (alcohol and education) is a common Tory tactic - if you appose it then get your a.rse down to the student protests and set fire to ToryHQ. :D

(wiskey at £9.20 would now be £12.60)

looks like the majority of people think it will do little to nothing to the prices


It is the normal Tory routine of penalising the poor (again)

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