how much alcohol should i drink?!

Question: How much alcohol should i drink?
right, so i'm going to this nightclub with a few friends and everyone has i bit to drink before they go just to simply make you enjoy it more. I think we were planning on getting WKD's. I was just wondering for someone who is quite small, has never drunk much before, if anyone knew around how much/many bottles of WKD would be suitable to just make me normal, still thinking straight but slightly tipsy? loooool sorry for the weird question, and cba with the stupid comments. xxx


If you want to stay ''normal'' as you put it-don't drink anything.But if you want to be slightly tipsy,just have a couple.You really don't need to drink much to enjoy yourself-my best nights out have been when I've only had 3 or 4 drinks

I have never heard of WKD unfortunately, and I am a minor but no stranger to alcohol. If that is just an average beer, 3 or 4 throughout the night should get you to that level. It greatly depends on what you eat, and if you drink often, which clearly you don't :P

I would start with 2 or 3 and see how you feel...I usually take 20 oz and a couple beer to parties just so I don't run out. I end up taking it home but whats the harm in that. :P

If you're going to drink, only go for about a can or two's worth (unless its like a super drink or something filled with who-knows-what)
You should keep the drinking to a low, since you lack experience with alcohol.

Or you could save yourself the trouble and just not risk it at all.

health class >.>

Are you abnormal to want to have a drink to "make you normal" ??? You are very young and naive and believe me, you don't want to start drinking. It can become very habit forming and I think your parents should read you question. If you CBA with stupid comments don't ask stupid questions, child.

4 would make u tipsy and 3 slighly tipsy but not drunk!!same as having 3 or 4 cans really!!enjoy!:)

Don't do it. Whats the point of drinking to the point of losing control (which WILL happen if you go one over and don't realise)

WKD is sugary crap. Drink a shot or 2 of Russian Standard straight before you go.

i drink until i pee myself useulee in fact am am pppiisssed now!



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