Do wkds taste like alcohol?!

Question: Do wkds taste like alcohol?
what do wkds taste like? is it okay for 13 year olds to have a couple at a birthday party?xx


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In the US only your parents can serve you a drink and at any age. Most of Europe doesn't have a real age limit.

OK, most states allow your parents to give you drinks.…

John is wrong. It's not okay in EVERY state of the US. Only Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Wisconsin, and Virginia allow a minor to consume alcohol if given by a parent or trusted adult.

No state allows a underaged person (as in under the age of 21) to "possess alcohol"
but apparently 17 states do not say an underaged person cannot DRINK alcohol. These are Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia

(I happen to know that this is not absolute. For instance, in New Hampshire a person who was 16 or 17 was driving drunk, and hit a car. Although he didn't "possess" alcohol outright, they did charge him with "internal possession of alcohol". So basically they said that he possessed it because it was in his body... and he was found guilty, so if you do something illegal, they might stick you with that on top of it)

Still there is a limit to the amount that you can consume. It's a very small amount. Your parent's can't just serve you a bottle of scotch.

So if you're in one of the states that isn't listed, then it's illegal anyway, and you AND your parents can get in serious trouble.

There are a few states that allow non-alcoholic beer to be consumed by someone your age, but not alL!!(which I think has less than what you're talking about, but maybe I'm wrong).

Edit- These laws have changed too, some as recent as a year ago, so if we knew what state you lived in, we could better answer it. I understand not telling us though ;)

The News
Driver's Manual for the State
Somewhere else... I forget

WKD should be fine to drink at your age it has a low alcohol percentage but still you may be able to ttastee a little bitt of alcoholl..itss shitee though.. ..i started gettin drunk when i was 13 now im 14 and doo it regularly so i think its finee to have it at your birthdayy party ..course you might need your parents permission if its a house party.. :))

its an alcopop, tastes like juice mostly

and no, its illegal in most of the world ot consume alcoholic beverages at 13 years old.

it tastes like blue mr.freeze but there is 4.5% alcohol in it so i definetely won't recommend serving it at a 13 year old party!!!

Why is it kids always go for the chemical crap? Drink Russian Standard straight.

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