Cant Drink Hard Alcohol Anymore!?!

Question: Cant Drink Hard Alcohol Anymore!?
A little while ago I drank a little too much vodka, then got very sick. But now for some reason I start to feel sick when just drinking a little bit. Anyone know how to fix this. (please dont stay, dont drink alcohol) THANKS


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What you have is a psychological block. Sine you had a bad experience to alcohol your mind is weary of it. Just go slow and you will recover. Without realizing it you must reeducate your mind that alcohol is safe. Do this by having a single drink. A day or two later have other. Soon you can have 2-3 drinks. A that point the next time you drink you should be drink like your regular self.

If you are legally old enough to drink alcohol and want to drink than you should have enough food in your system before drinking the hard liquor. Drinking some water or milk along with your alcohol intake helps you to slow down on getting drunk. Also eating lots of fruits while drinking liquor helps. Lots of Asian girls drink this way.

you had alcohol poisoning that night, and I had it on 2 glasses of wine once, and was sick, for 3 days, at least,,and no joke, don't feel like drinking that anymore! That's been many moons ago you might not ever feel like drinking it again.

lay off the booze for a while (temporarily). drink water, you're liver and kidney's need it. it's your body telling you to take it easy. i'm talking like a few days, maybe a week.

*what are you mixing? keep your darks simple.

Yeah, it happens. I haven't had Jaggermiester in decades, and probably never will again, but you keep experimenting and try different things, see what doesn't bother you...

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