How long will kush stay in your system for?!

Question: How long will kush stay in your system for?
Ive never smoked weed before. i smoked 1 bowl of kush (about 5 puffs) and my school gives random piss test. i drink a lot of water each day and excersize about once a week.
i'm around 5'9 and 165 lbs
never smoked before this
smoked one bowl of kush
i drink lots of water
i excersize once a week.


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You should be fine in 2-3 days

Kush is the same as weed, it just has higher THC. Weed gets stored in your fat, and can stay there up to 30 days, but the less fat you have the less time it will take to get out, and because you're pretty active you'll probably be good in like 2 weeks.

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