Drinking question...really important!?!

Question: Drinking question...really important!?
This guy I like was texting me last week after he was drinking, he told me he liked me, there were four texts they were all spelled correctly, there was happy faces, quotation marks. But yet he "said" he didnt mean them because he was drunk...was he just embarrassed????


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Seems to be more of a singles and dating section type of issue. While drinking he spoke to you what he feels. This is common of many people that drink/drugs and something that signals to me a lack of self-control and a lack of maturity. Sadly it is a common practice for people of all ages. If you would like to pursue the relationship then do so with at least a bit of caution.

Yes!!! He had liquid courage and then he sobered up, Help him out and tell him you wish he did mean it. That will open up the dialog.

yes! people say "a drunken mind tells a sober heart" he may not even have been drinking but he just wanted an excuse to tell you :)

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