how much and how long?!

Question: How much and how long?
if i do 200 sit ups for a week 5 days
and right before i go to bed how much weight will i lose
by the end of this week and how much will i los by the end of the month
if i keep it up and dont skip days
also im 113 pounds and im on the chubby side going to the fat side
if that helps at all


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You must realize that posting this question in this section represents a violation and is subject to deletion. Sit-ups alone is a poor method of losing weight. There are many things that are used in evaluating how much weight you will lose in a given week or month.

Your current weight
Body mass vs muscle mass
Total caloric intake
Total caloric utilization
Type of and technique used of the sit-ups

You will not lose much weight but you may strengthen your core. Be careful of what sit-ups you do since some may cause back injury.

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if you burn more calories than you consume, you loose weight
if you burn less calories than you consume, you gain weight
if you burn the same amount of calories you consume, you stay the same weight

as for 200 sit ups... that MAY help, depending how much you eat, and all the other activity you have.

just remember, alcohol is fairly high in calories

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