Is it bad to really enjoy drinking?... (blushing)?!

Question: Is it bad to really enjoy drinking?... (blushing)?
I am 21, And I'm a social drinker, with the exception that I enjoy drinking wine/spirits every once in a while when I'm reading/studying/watching a movie. I really like wine and spirits and enjoy the sensation of warmth and being tipsy. Apparently, I've been labelled charming when tipsy, of which I get ever more witty, flirty, and funny. I don't get drunk all the time though more so tipsy every time. Is it wrong? Isn't the whole premise of alcoholic drinks is too feel some modest sensation from the substance?

I drink on average 2-3 times a month.

I have never made a fool of myself or been a stumbling drunkard since ages 17-19. Those days are behind me..? (Legal drinking age in canada is 18-19 based on province). Only exception: My recent 21st birthday only because it was my birthday :D

PS: I'm a undergraduate student, and have actually rationalized and planned out means to have a flattering income of which I can have a wine cellar built on my future property or within my future home. In addition I would also like a significant other who appreciates wines/spirits (not an alcoholic) I couldn't marry a man who does not drink at all. If who also enjoys wearing top hats, a monocle and holding a cain while drinking too even better. This is how much I love to drink... serious LOL


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Considering all things under the light of reasonable and intelligent adults you have not a thing to worry about. You have a great disposition toward drinking alcohol and should have many years of these enjoyable moments. I have had times in my life that I have drank very heavily and have decided to drink far less and not as often. As a result my family physician is amazed at my very good health. Part of that great health is due to the alcohol that I drink which is twice almost three times as much as yourself. It is never bad to enjoy drinking alcohol.

I don't think you are anywhere close to alcoholic. Many people enjoy drinking and have wine cellars, and I don't think you'll have any trouble finding the right guy to biuld a nice wine collection with and sip a nice drink with...


2-3 times a month, you're fine. not an alchy. enjoy your drink

Bad for whom? I can think of a few bad ways that your habit could evolve to. It's very easy to cross the line, get carried away and end up addicted to alcohol. This is the most important! And then the Pandora's box will open. This is the badest thing I can think of. It can also damage your health, your brain and your social life. Not to mention your finances. Unless you're the exception which I personally doubt.

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