How To Get Past A Nightclub Doorman Under-age?!

Question: How To Get Past A Nightclub Doorman Under-age?
You see im 17 years old, im a dude, all my friends say i look in my 20's lol, but i do get served int tescos and various other stores most of the time for alcohol.

So is there anyway i should act, something to change my appearance that kind of thing?


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Use a invisible inducing cloak. Act your age and ask a family member or close neighbor.

the key to getting in anywhere is to act like you belong in there. walk past the doorman, look him in the eye and give him the nod and keep going. dress the part. this advice will not work for the club with the long *** line up. that takes finesse. go over to the smoking area with a bar glass with what appears to be a drink and stand just outside the velvet rope with your phone out. when the bouncer sees you he will be upset at you for having a drink outside of the designated area (ideally). again make sure to dress the part (ie. no jacket), and make sure the bouncer doesn't see you sidle up to the place or the jig is up

scammer for life

I wish entering bars, clubs etc before you reach 18, was forbidden in my country too. I remember myself drinking alcohol since junior high. Not that I ended up addicted or something. But according to my current beliefs, after I've lived some things being in the other side, I think that my life would have been a lot better than it is now if I had never drunk alcohol. So I envy that in some countries the law is being kept.

Make a fake one! Lol, that's what I see in the movies. They always get by with it. Change hair or style of clothes a little bit.

Idk, if this link below will help you!? (:

you need to show i.d so sorry dude you can change your appearance all you want it wont change your birthdate

well first i wouldn't recommend this, but if you really wanted to you could change the way you look and find some one to make you a fake ID

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