what are some negatives about electric cigarettes?!

Question: What are some negatives about electric cigarettes?

they are annoying, start fights in restaurants, have to have a battery, prohibitively expensive, and they are just ridiculous.

From a cost stand point most quit smoking aids are priced well above what it would take to just buy another carton of cigarettes or whatever, technology should be able to provide a more efficient nicotine delivery system without all the hype and over pricing that is rampant in the market place. If corporations were more interested in helping people remove carcinogens from their personal environment and less interested in making huge profits off of an addicted public then truly helpful product would be offered in the market place. Nicotine the addictive ingredient in all tobacco products doesn't cause cancer and has been proven to enhance memory and other brain functions. Removing the smoke from the equation is a start, but deliberately imitating a cigarette is ridiculous, the same method of delivery could be attained in something similar to an asthma inhaler or some other non confrontational device.


have to be recharged
still have nicotine and other flavoring chemicals

no tar, and less chemicals than standard cigarettes... usually cheaper too.

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