Would I have gone to jail?!

Question: Would I have gone to jail?
We were partying at a house 50 miles from home. Anyways my friend asks me to drive him home. I told him I had too much to drink and I wasn't comfortable driving. He said he had to work the next day and I'm like so...not my problem. So he says he's leaving and starts the car. He was pretty **** faced too. He said if I didn't get in, I'd be stuck out in the farmlands so I jumped in the passenger side. I kept telling him maybe we should pull over, but he insisted on making the drive home. We got home unscathed, but I still feel guilty for letting him drive. We both would have gone to jail, yeah? I'll never let him talk me into doing anything like that ever again.


I'll be brutally honest, you are both D**K HEADS. I have had 3 generations from the same family die from being hit by drunk drivers, getting put in jail is not the worst that could have happened. You could have been responsible for the taking of someones life.

Next time if your friend insists on driving while under the influence, I say stay behind! I am sure you will be able to sort some sort of lift out the next day, or even pay for a cab. A $100 cab fare is better on than a life!!


You definately would have been arrested, even if you could fake being sober, the cop would ask you why you let ur friend drive.

You're really lucky you didn't hurt yourselves or anyone, but I'm sure you know that. =)

jail or killed! you are lucky this time but you and your friend might not be next time. so don't drink and drive!

Yeah, y'all could of gotten pulled over and put in jail. But you're lucky. for THIS time.

Watch out next time

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