i had 7 pints through day and now im sober whats best thing to do to prevent me from having a hangover?!

Question: I had 7 pints through day and now im sober whats best thing to do to prevent me from having a hangover?
i feel sober now just a little bit tired :/ .


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Take a couple of paracetamols, go to bed and get a good nights sleep.

Your body is tired from processing the alcohol and because its a depressant in your system. You should hydrate your body as much as possible to help refuel yourself. Pedialight and coconut water will not stop all of the affects but it will help you to wake up feeling much better. The coconut water especially as its sugar free and full of electrolytes

Myself, being a bartender

Try to take a nap sitting up. This sounds weird but it will help increase blood flow to your head and should help to prevent your hangover.

For future hangover prevention, try not to drink on an empty stomach and stick with one type of drink. Mixing drinks is a recipe for a hangover! Hope this helps.


Best thing drink a pint of water before bed, also bananas are good for hangovers but aslong as you didnt mix your pints and stayed on the same you shouldnt be too bad

You will proberbly sleep through the hangover part now, may wake up a little dehydrated but you'll be fine

7 pints? Mmm. I had 11 pints over 6 hours at a beer festival...honest to god, drink water...take a massive **** and have a omlette for breakfast.

Drink less in future - stay within your ( childish ) limitations. When you grow up you will be able to drink more

An advil and lots of water before going to sleep

7 pints? Not bad.. drink some water and you probably wont get hung

just sleep now and drink one more pint when you get up.

drink lots of water

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