Could I still do well on a test if I'm buzzed?!

Question: Could I still do well on a test if I'm buzzed?

I wrote a university midterm hungover and scored a 70. Go me! :D

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Of course it's possible, but that depends on your level of intelligence and how much you prepared. I wouldn't really do that if it was a difficult subject for you, but if it's something easy, then being buzzed wouldn't make it that much harder. Also, if you studied for it while buzzed, you might remember things better if you test that way. This is the same reason you're told to study in a quiet area since it's (usually) quiet when you're testing. You remember things better if you're in the same conditions you were in when you studied. Like the others said, it's not really recommended to go into a test buzzed, but it's by no means impossible to still do well.

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both alcohol and pot make you stupid. It's pretty much proven. alcohol cuts low the oxygen supply to the brain, and pot releases chemicals in your brain that make you tired and VERY happy (both are bad in this case) Ace the best first. Then celebrate. :D

No your become more dumber alcohol thins the blood so your more lite headed.. Which won't help you think as clear. Plus alcohol in large amounts kill brain cells. So over a couple of years You won't be as sharpe as you are now.

Only you can determine that, but chances are that you won't.

Common sense.

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