Which vodka is best....?;)?!

Question: Which vodka is best....?;)?
Well going by taste, which flavored vodka tastes the best out of these three?


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If you want a flavoured vodka buy a cheap bottle and put a packet of skittles into it until it disolves. This also works for gummy bears and mints. Any flavoured vodka is for a mild taste and won't cover the taste like you want it to. Also add skittles to taste. More for more flavour.

horrible advice! grey goose and smirnoff are terrible! polish vodka is the way to go belvedere or wyborowa. finlandia is good and cheap. don't buy anything with 'simulated flavor' just get some tasty mix

I know it wasn't an option but Svedka mixed with Skittles is awesome. If you want to mask the taste of the vodka use pineapple juice [=

Have fun lol

Russian Standard Vodka.

Those are all lower shelf vodkas so I'd go with whatever tastes best to you/whatever is the cheapest

My brain

skyy vodka or absolute!
anything but smirnoff!!



Ciroc is good. Coconut =)

Smirnoff all the way

Smirnoff is for sure 3:) I like it a lot

grey goose all the way bby<3

smirnoff is alright for being cheap. try getting triple distilled if going for this :)

You forgot Grey Goose

i like 3 o's best. esp cherry! really good with cherry coke

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