Could anyone give me some good examples of how drunk people sound when they talk?!

Question: Could anyone give me some good examples of how drunk people sound when they talk?
Weird question, I know. Thanks in advance for your answers. :)


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Hi sweet art ..hic..wotcha doooo'n..hic...t'nite...hic..burp..(stag…
hic..farts!!..(falls face down!)

I mostly just slur my words together a little bit, usually talk louder, and probably more profane. One of my friends gets ridiculously squeaky and impossible to understand. It varies from person to person.

They sound like they are drunk. They slur their words and seem unaware of volume. Like they will just keep talking and get louder and louder not even noticing. Also if they seem more confident than before that is a good indication.

Usually drunk people talk fast and with a silly voice, like they have a bit of a slur or something. And they will talk to anyone as though they have known eachother for years. but thats just for some people.

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Me myself and I

they sound honest

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