how do you do/take a body shot?!

Question: How do you do/take a body shot?
heyy everyonee my friends and i have some 18th birthdays coming up and we wanna have the boys take body shots off of uss =b..but we wanna do this the right way..these are the ways i know of but i'm not sure if it's right..can you help me outt?
1. girl is standing, shot glass full of choice liquor b/t boobs, she's shirtless with her bra on and the guy licks up the sugar on her stomach, takes the shot and then takes the lime/lemon from her mouth

2. girl is lying down, sugar/salt is sprinkled in a line or circle, choice liquor is poured on her belly button, then same thing guy sucks up, licks up, and takes the fruit from her mouth

3. shot glass full of choice liquor between boobs (shes lying down again) and salt/sugar sprinkled on her stomach, with the fruit in her mouth..guy proceeds as before, licks the sugar/salt, takes the shot from the glass, then sucks the juice of the fruit

help us pleasee por favor?? [:


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Like OMG, how totally awesome! You're like 18 and an adult now! Taking body shots would be like soooooo edgy. Make sure you take LOTS of pics to put on your facebook!

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