What are some GOOD nondescript beers?!

Question: What are some GOOD nondescript beers?


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That is almost an oxymoron. If they are good, they are probably *not* nondescript. They may be malty or hoppy or balanced between. They may be lighter or darker in color. Any good beer will have a description.

Unless your question was "What is a good example of a nondescript beer?" In which case, the answer is any Yellow American Fizzy Beer - Bud, Coors, PBR, et al.

The attributes of a good beer include appearance, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, finish, and aftertaste. It's not possible to be good and to be nondescript in those categories.

Pick a beer - any beer - look it up on BeerAdvocate.com, see how it scored, and read its reviews.
BeerAdvocate reviews are based on Look, Smell, Taste, Feel, and Drink. A "Good Beer" will have a score of at least a "B". So Look at Fordham which received a "B". Read its reviews and you will see that it is not nondescript! Now take a look at Keystone Premium which got a rating of "D-". Read it reviews and you will find that it is nondescript.

I'm not recommending anyone drink an American Lager. But if what you are seeking is a decent American made beer that you can afford on a tight budget, believe it or not Pabst Blue Ribbon and Schlitz tastes great and cost less than the stuff Bud, Millers, and Coors try to pass off as beer.


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