Have you tried the new alcoholic liquor called Rhythm?!

Question: Have you tried the new alcoholic liquor called Rhythm?
I saw this bottle in a rap video, its Red and called Rhythm. I hear its a relatively new drink with 23 different fruit flavors in it and isn't really vodka. Has anyone tried it and what did you think??? How much does it cost


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RHYTHM is a unique super premium liqueur made with a complex blend of 23 different citrus flavors, resulting in an aroma and taste reminiscent of a perfectly ripe pomelo. It's not really a vodka, rum, gin or any of the other main spirits, yet it's unlike most of the other liqueurs in that it contains twice the alcohol per volume. At 70 proof, this versatile "hybrid" infusion can replace a wide range of spirits in traditional cocktails, and also integrates easily with mixers. It's a fantastic choice for anyone into flavored vodka or looking to liven up an old classic. A 750ml bottle of rhythm is about $37.00.

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