will drug rehab help..?!

Question: Will drug rehab help..?
i am going to alcohol and drug treatment and it involves therapy. Will this help me also witih leaving a terrible relationship im in?


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It might but since I don't know you I can't say. Some people go to these places and come out and start up again. Some go and find that drugs and alcohol is better to be avoided in their life. You need a physiologist to help you clear your ind so you can make wise decisions.

LIkely... and especially if you're motivated and able to work on as many of your issues or concerns as you can. Don't let one replace another though - you're going for alcohol and drug treatment for reasons, and those lessons are the main ones you're there to focus on learning.
So focus.
And also apply the time, help, and your learning against anything else that will keep you on this positive path of changes.


It might so.if you believe this may suffer you a lot with your relationship then quit on that simply or else take the advice from the concerned doctor about the undergoing treatment.


It might. Drugs / Alcohol affect mood and judgement. Good luck in rehab, as well as
in getting your life back in track. Just don't expect for it all to be 100% better overnite

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