how many beers can i drink to blow under the legal limit?!

Question: How many beers can i drink to blow under the legal limit?
How many beers would i be able to drink and still drive to blow under the legal limit, drinking bud light or bud wieser


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One beer every 90 minutes will keep the average sized man under the legal limit. After three beers give yourself an additional 30 minutes before drinking another. Also water really does help metabolize the alcohol so drink some H2) was well. Happy drinking.

Depends on your weight, location, age, legal status. (Age because in many areas,
those under the legal drinking age have a much lower number they can be charged
and convincted of DUI at, or straight up zero tolerance; Legal status if on probation)

Since your question is pretty vague, it might be easier if you did your own research,
keeping what I told you in mind.

Personally though I feel one should never drive after drinking, even if below the limit,
reflexes and judgement is still affected by alcohol, therefore you are not just putting
your own life on the line but also that of others.

It depends on your size/weight and sex. Men are normally bigger and therefore it would take more alcohol to raise their BAC level. As everyone has mentioned, two is accurate for the first hour and one per hour from that point on. Some people more and some less. To be safe I would only drink 2 then one per hour for the rest of the night. Check the chart in the link I provide to figure your allowance.

this site should help:…

just enter all the information it asks for then click "calculate my blood alcohol level" and it will tell you if it's legal for you to drive in the selected state.

just be careful!

any driver with a blood-alcohol concentration above .08% is considered per se intoxicated under the law: It's 2 Beers.

Don't drink and drive. Just get a DD. Oh, and Budweiser is one word.

Simple answer:

Please drive safely and get a DD, then you can have all you want.

sadly only two and half beers.

my bro is a cop.

for a 160 lb adult male 2 or less to stay under .08 BAC

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