I've got rum, triple sec, bourbon, and whiskey... What should/can I make?!

Question: I've got rum, triple sec, bourbon, and whiskey... What should/can I make?
I've got Bacardi, triple sec, gentlemen jack, and jim beam...... what drinks and or shots can I make out of this? What would yall recommend?


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Lynchburg Lemonade. It's seriously amazing.


Nothing, out of those 4 liquors together. What mixers (soda, juice, tonic) do you have? If you don't have any, I suggest just drinking the jack on the rocks. If you have cola, drink jack and coke.

EDIT You can make whiskey sours, with either the whiskey or bourbon, or you can have rum and coke, or rum and sprite. Whiskey sours, put a shot of whiskey over ice in a short glass, then fill up with the sweet and sour mix.

for one start off by making a big mix drink, then get a couple 2 liters, get 2 bottles of "the works" (toilet cleaner) and a bout a foot of aluminum foil. and a shot glass. shred up the foil into small pieces, then put 3 shots of any kind of liquor 6 shots of toilet bowl cleaner and mix them in the 2 liter. finally put the foil in it but be careful you have 30 seconds to put the top on, shake it and then throw it.
there you go cover your ears!


I would recommend giving away (or throwing out!) everything but the Jack. Sip it neat and enjoy.
I suppose you could keep the Beam for backup. lol

I just saw Tony's answer.....Amen

Mix everything together and get f*cked woooo!!!! AW YEAH!!!!! :D

My brain

Rum and coke !

beam and jack on the rocks, what more you need. drink responsibly

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