(Drug Question) I found a powdery substance in a tiny paper fold?!

Question: (Drug Question) I found a powdery substance in a tiny paper fold?
My little cousin (12 yrs old) gave me something he found in a Shop Rite while he was with his mother. He didn't know what it was so he asked me. It's a small paper baggie folded in half with a small green stamp of The Hulk. It's the size of a plastic dime baggie used for weed. I opened it up and there's a small powdery substance inside with no oder.

How can I tell if this is crack/cocaine or some other narcotic or if it's just a non-narcotic powdery substance that someone put there as a joke?

I've already thrown it away but I want to find out so I can report this so no one else comes across this while shopping.


well unlike the movies (cops tasting it) real cops test substances with machine so no risk comes to the cop. Coke varies in grain size and how it "clumps" together, i hear that the really good coke is kind of like baking powder, and it smells/tastes like kerosene or diesel fuel (they use primitive methods to extract the cocaine as a powder by using diesel or kerosene). It varies because people ususally cut it with baking soda, sugar, other drugs that will give you a buzz and are white (speed). Heroine is usually a brownish color and varies in color as well. crack is freebased cocaine, they take cocaine and mix it with baking powder then heat them up to produce a "rock" so it can be smoked for a quicker and more potent high. Some head shops sell synthetic coke etc in little bags with comics, cartoons and other stuff on them; almost like a joke.

There's really nothing to report since you threw away the evidence. Which, by the way, could get you thanked with a tampering with evidence charge. What you describe however, sounds like a heroin bag, what is known as a "stamp bag" (google heroin stamp bag, click images, and see).

common knowledge

You have thrown it away, so there is nothing you can do to test what it is, and nothing you can do to report it as you would need evidence.

I think it was just a joke because no narcotic would put a sticker of HULK so dude it was just a pathetic prank they tried to pull.

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