Where do you find old wine bottles?!

Question: Where do you find old wine bottles?
Im going to make a message in a bottle as a cute little gift..but i really want a nice old vintage bottle, where do you find those?


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Go to a local restaurant or bar and ask the manager if they would be able to help you with their empties. IF you are not of the local legal age for alcohol then you may need to have some one that is help you. This is just a precaution that a wise manager should employ.

You may also ask neighbors for their empty bottles. For a "nice old vintage bottle" your best bet is a local antique store. You should be able to land one for just a few Dollars/Pounds/Euros/Rupies/Etc.

If you want to find and old bottle look at a wine storage or buy one from a liquar shop but the old wines cost ALOT so i dont think it is worth paying that much.


Wine bottles have not changed that much over the years. Just go to a restaurant and ask for one. Olive Garden seems to go through quite a few.

Why not go to the local wine store, find a bottle you like and drink the contents!

Rinse out and insert your message.

See if you can find one at a flea market or Goodwill store or St. Vincent DePaul store or places like that.

Junk shops

Flea Markets


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