Can you mix alchohol, or beer, with seafood?!

Question: Can you mix alchohol, or beer, with seafood?
I ate gumbo, containing fish and shrimp, whil edrinking a beer, becks, will this give me a stomach ache? naussea? food poisoning? is it bad in any way?

Thanks guys!!


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It is not bad in any way heck that should make you smile. The only stomach ache you would get is by eating too much. Good LA gumbo is nice with Pilsner or if spicy an IPA. How can beer give you food poisoning?

Pilsner. A hoppy pilsner can enhance the flavor of a firm fish or shellfish. A pilsner can be good with fried or spicy food. Pilsners also serve well as an aperitif.

Pale, IPA. Beef dishes fare well with the more full bodied ales such as the IPA or pale. Buffalo wings or blackened chicken would be nicely complimented with and IPA, though they can enhance the spicy heat. The pales can compliment shrimp, crab, and other light fish.

#Crab or lobster
Pilsner or Stout

Wheat, Pilsner

#Spicy fish

#Fried seafood
Pale, ESB, IPA


American lightly flavored lager (It really works, trust me here.)

If you don't know you shouldn't be eating and drinking.

You might get nauseous if you drank too much beer. But other than that. Nothing bad is going to happen.

Sounds like you are a novice at drinking beer. Maybe you should stop now. At least until you are older and know more. Then you won't have to ask silly questions like this one.

Experience of a long life.

It is actually a very good combo but probably not in the form you had. Seafood when its raw or cooked but not in a stew go very well with wines and certain beers. I think if you do get sick you just didn't agree with the gumbo.

I don't know much but I do know drinking

Of course you can mix them,

There are lots of recipes that use alcohol to cook seafood, so there's nothing wrong with drinking alcohol with it.

I prefer salmon and white burgundy, and no food poisoning yet (but I'll keep trying).

Alcohols good with anything! :)

Beer with seafood sounds great to me you will be fine

Hell yeah! Eat, drink, and be merry!

i think no , because same i did last week and nothing happend

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