Is it bad if i drink a whole gallon of water?!

Question: Is it bad if i drink a whole gallon of water?

I don't see the harm, but because there is so much of it, the water will just pass through your system extremely quickly and you wont be able to hydrate yourself properly as if you drank a gallon of water over a day or two. In one sitting, well, all you're doing is making yourself pee.

Hurray for toilets!

I'm assuming you mean in one long chug. If so, yes, it's bad. Most people can't drink that much that quickly without vomiting right afterward (since a gallon is quite a bit bigger than your stomach).

Also, depending on how big you are overall, drinking a gallon of water might well kill you on the spot. It's rare, but every year there's a few cases of people literally drinking water until they die. How much it takes is dependent on body mass; Small women die from less water than giant bodybuilders.

If you're feeling thirsty enough to drink that much, or you stay thirsty no matter how much water you drink, then your problem isn't thirst, it's low electrolytes. Eat something very salty (pretzels, chips, or just a teaspoon full of table salt), wait a few minutes, then consider the situation. Odds are, once you get some salt in you, you won't be thirsty anymore.

Um, no. Water is good for your body. If you drink it all at once, that might be bad. But, technically, you're supposed to drink 8 full glasses of water a day...I don't think a gallon of water will hurt you XD.

That would only be bad if you had issues urinating or if you chugged the whole thing at once. Don't drink too much at once though because it cause oversaturation and what I have read to be water intoxication

2 gallons a day

Over a period - NO

In one go - YES - Google Water Intoxication for details

umm i dont think so its actually pretty good you'll just urinate a lot


no, water is the best for everyone :)

may be

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