How can i tell if my boyfriend has snorted coke and isnt just drunk?!

Question: How can i tell if my boyfriend has snorted coke and isnt just drunk?
He does this occasionally but doesnt tell me as he knows I dont approve. I'm worried if something happens to him I wont know if he has taken anything or not!


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Take him to the police where they will do a blood draw. That's how.

rapid shallow breathing
dilated pupils
sweaty skin
acting wild

Look at his pupils in the light. If you shine a flashlight in it (I don't know if that's doable for you) and the pupil turns to a tiny dot then there ya have it. Also a pupil that gets big and small continuously.

There are some people that can hide it well, experienced users. If he's not indicating it by excessive sweating, chattering about nothing, doing meaningless activities like clipping coupons or organizing paperclips, excessive shaking, or having owl eyes the size of silver dollars, then you could casually put your two hands on one of his and squeeze your index finger (not your thumb) on the inside of his wrist to check his pulse. A pounding pulse or a speedy one will indicate that too. You could kiss him with lots of tongue action to check for a dry mouth. If he can't get a woody either then that's a red flag too although I don't know the extent of his manhood anyway, but you probably do. :D

Drunk people tend to get lazy and sluggish because they are dehydrated. Folks that do coke are energetic and peppy. So, if he has alot of energy I'd say its possible.

I don't know much but I do know drinking

His pupils should be dialated, and he is always on the go and can't sit down and relax, i have never seen anyone on coke but that is wat i would imagine happens

Does he use the word "man" a lot? You know, like, what's up, man? That's a good sign he's snorting.

how do you know he's not doing both at the same time? if he's drunk... there's a good chance he's snorted too...

How about the powder under his nose

Take him for a drugs test

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