Drinking question...really important!?!

Question: Drinking question...really important!?
Drinking question...really important!?
This guy I like was texting me last week after he was drinking, he told me he liked me, there were four texts they were all spelled correctly, there was happy faces, quotation marks. But yet he "said" he didnt mean them because he was drunk...was he just embarrassed???? I wish there was a way i can get him to admit it...but idk how.


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Sounds like a JERK to me.... He uses the "i'm drunk" excuse!!! Move on 'sister" Im sure you can do better than someone who won't even admit he may like you!! If he does like you then he will come to you when he is ready to not act like a LITTLE BOY!!

ok when your drunk you still have the capability to write perfect messages.lol,but he probably is embarrassed did you text him back and if you did it probably wasn't the answer he wanted or expected, and if you didn't then its probably awkward that you don't have the same feelings.But drunk no.You still have truth behind everything that you say.

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If he is a shy guy in any way then yes I think he was just embarassed. This happens to me too. I generally say things when I'm drinking that I wouldn't say otherwise but because of it I have a girlfriend. Sounds kind of odd but if he does it again I would confront him about it.

I don't know much but I do know drinking

I don't know about that guy. But in my case, even if drunk too much that I couldn't stand up anymore, I can still remember everything I have done.

That's why, when someone said, he didn't mean it as he was drunk... My first impression is, Uh... Are you sure?

That might be an alibi...

May be he's just flirting with you.

Just get him drunk again! He'll give ya more complements!

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