does honey contain alcohol.?!

Question: Does honey contain alcohol.?
that's all i want to learn about honey.


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Honey contains no alcohol in your/our sense here. It does is a chemical categorization sense though. Within organic chemistry alcohols are sometimes considered a hybrid of carbohydrates or visa versa. But the relationship is based on the hydroxyl (-OH) group and reaction mechanisms. The sugars in honey may be converted via enzyme activity to alcohol.

I wouldn't be surprised if a little could form as a preservative. Mead a Traditional Viking ale is made from honey. It takes sugar to make Alcohol. and honey is a predigested form. (The best if you are hypoglycemic!)

No. Honey is one of the purest substances you can buy at the grocery store. As a matter of fact, unless you dilute it, honey will kill the yeast needed to make alcohol.

No, honey does not contain alcohol.
Honey is used to make mead though, an alcoholic drink.

No pure honey does not contain alcohol.

No, not useless you do something to it!


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