Im 13 and just almost had a whole bottle of lambrini,is it natural to feel dizzy?!

Question: Im 13 and just almost had a whole bottle of lambrini,is it natural to feel dizzy?

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wow you shouldn't be drinking

Lambrini is just a step up from Bay rum.In case you don;t know ?Cheap wine will give you quite often give you headache and sometimes a hell of a gut ache and the runs.How much is it ?About two bucks a bottle and up to 7% alcohol.That is a pretty stiff drink for a 13 year old.(Lay of it)That kind of wine is stabilized with Sulphur so it won't ferment again in the bottle.That's why one get's a headache and upset stomach.
Bay rum on the other hand is After shave or hair lotion mixed with other things.If you don't go blind it sure can kill you.


Yes. Especially if you're 13.

If you become addicted to any alcohol try not to puke everywhere, fall unconscious and die, ok?

Obviously this is false. If this were true, i doubt a 13 year old would be even coeherent enough to type that he had drank that much, or even concious for that matter.

Yeah... it's called being tipsy. Lambrini, seriously? What were you drinking it in a children's park? Nice chav lifestyle there, haaaah.

ya chill with all that..

NO THAT"S NOT NORMAL. tell an adult.
Why aren't you at school?

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